Top 10 aviation links:

Again, real-time tracking, but US-based (look around the site because there are
some excellent pages of photos too) at:
A real-time ADSB image of the skies over Europe at:
For ab initios, a very simple simulation of how navaids work (try playing around
with the windspeed!) at:
normal service soon
CHIRP has a good bank of informal, confidential reports by aviation
professionals at:
A comprehensive and well-organised collection of aviation information at:

A searchable phraseology datbase at:

An excellent series of podcasts about air traffic control at:

This site is an old favourite, but the "Callback" section always has interesing
features at:
The Flight Safety Foundation is an absolutely essential in the Top 10, and this
page has good links- (It is free to subscribe to the newsletter) at:
This online shop sells DVD's of flights from airlines worldwide- great for
targeting specific accents at:


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